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Women’s mountain bike race


The scream of a whistle.
The blast of an airhorn.
The wave of an official.
And it starts?
It continues.
A race is more than the day.
It’s spans more than the distance between timing mats. It starts with a commitment, and just keeps going from there. Training miles, nutrition choices, excitement, nerves, stress, sleep… a race is made up of all of this.
Embrace it.
Endure it.
Enjoy it.
Beyond the PR’s or leaderboard is true achievement. Did you take on a genuine challenge? Did you push yourself? Did you learn? Did you fail? Did you see it through? Did you show up for community a race is made up of all of this.
So sign up. Enter the race. Do the event. Join the relay. Run, ride, walk, whatever. Hold yourself accountable. Finish with a smile. I promise you, whatever your ‘race’ every moment, is worthwhile… #livbombshellenuro


No Pain, No Gain

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Let’s do it again! Our first race in 2019 was a huge success thanks to all the amazing ladies and volunteers that came out. We are very excited to have the second Bombshell race in the works for 2022. Obviously, 2022  will look a little different. Safety for everyone is our main priority and we are working hard to come up with creative ideas to make this a fun, rewarding and safe event for all.

Racing provides an opportunity to push your limits, embrace your inner competitive spirit, and to meet rad like-minded people. The most important thing with this race is to have FUN whether you are a first timer looking to take on a new challenge or you are a seasoned vet that is going pin-it-to-win-it. Either way the best part is hanging out with other bike-loving women.



Course Details and Schedule

Will be released closer to race date 2022


So what’s an Enduro??

Great question, glad you asked. It is a multiple stage race where you climb to the top of the stage and are timed on the descents. The climbing part is not timed! You can relax, pace yourself, walk if you want. Once you are at the top of the stage it’s race on! For the 2022 enduro you can expect 4-6 stages covering somewhere between 20-30km.

How is the timing going to work for this race?

Well, you will get a fancy bracelet to wear on your wrist. You ride through the designated start and finish areas which are clearly labeled. Your time starts and stops automatically and will be uploaded in real time at Your times on each stage are totaled up for an overall time which will determine what place you finish. Pretty straight forward.

How do does the seeding work?

Generally Enduro races have wave start times where racers are broken up into groups depending on how serious or relaxed you want to be. The 2022 enduro may look a little different so we ensure we are adhering to all Provincial COVID protocols.

On the trail you are encouraged to self-seed. What does that mean? It means you turn around and ask the ladies behind you, “are you fast?” or “are you going to really race this stage”. If yes, let those ladies go ahead of you. Course marshals will be getting racers to drop-in in 30 second intervals, but if you like to chase your buddy you can drop in one right after one another. If you are really worried about the person behind you catching you, you can ask for a little more time. Which leads to the next section.

To pass and be passed?

This is part of Enduro racing so don’t be freaked out by it. There are obviously better ways then others to do this and we strongly encourage you to be respectful and calm when doing it. So this is how it goes down. If racer A is catching up to racer B on the trail, racer A says “racer” or “rider”. Racer B carries on until there is a safe place to pull over and does so. Racer A says “thank you!” and racer B says “get it girl!” Simple.

Is it cool to walk my bike down tricky sections?

Absolutely. 100% okay. If there are some sections of trail you don’t think you can ride, do not let this deter you from doing the race. All trickier sections of trail will be flagged. If you aren’t feeling it, by all means walk! No need to be a hero. Way better to lose a few seconds getting off your bike then to break yourself.

Are refunds available?

We typically do not refund, however we can assist you with transferring your registration to someone on the waitlist. In the unlikely event of a COVID shut down, we will be giving refunds in that scenario only.

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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers stayed tuned for opportunities to help out Feb 1, 2022. Volunteer perks will include breakfast and lunch, beverages and more.

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